Afternoon Tea Invitation

Afternoon Tea - Bridal Shower invitation.

Afternoon Tea Invitation
Bridal Shower
Below is the process of creating the Afternoon Tea invite I made for my sister's Bridal Shower.  I designed/cut/constructed the entire project.  Minus the teacup mom baked those.
The first step was creating the envelope to hold the teabag.
Phew..those took forever to cut/fold/construct.
What teabag is complete without a teeny tag?
Next came the rest of the invitation's pieces...First, the under part of the top of the box. 
I figured all the corners on the printed pieces of the invitation should have round just looked nicer to me.
see... :)
Another piece of the invitation was the registry card.
As well as the directions...
and the recipe card.
Glue, glue, glue.
This portion of the invite was simply made to make people realize it was in fact an invitation...and not just an odd package with a bag of tea and a cookie.

The teapot pours the tea directly into the teacup cookie (which you will see later) when the whole invitation is put together.
It took awhile..but all the boxes got folded together, then I added some strips of crunched paper to the bottom...just to add some fluff.
Okay..50% cookies.
Tea cup cookies, thanks to mom....
gotta bag all those now...
The postman will be busy.
CLOSE UP: Printed pieces with box...sans cookie...I got hungry.
DIGITAL VERSION: (1) teabag front, (2) teabag back - closed, (3) teabag back - open, (4) "you are invited" box top, (5) recipe card, (6) directions, (7) registry card.
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